The Polymer Clay ClayCraft™ Soft Clay by DECO © was created in Japan by the founder of the DECO Clay Craft Academy, Kazuko Miyai, about 30 years ago. The primary focus of the Academy is to train individuals in the sculpting of flowers, and it is this clay that has allowed the creation of artificial flowers that are nearly indistinguishable from their real counterparts. The advantage of this clay is that, unlike many other polymer clays, it does not require baking; items made ​​from DECO clay are completely air-dried within 24 hours. And because of how incredibly soft and feather light it is, it is unbelievably fun to work with.
The color palette of polymer clay ClayCraft ™ Soft Clay by DECO© consists of seven colours – one basic white and an assortment of 6 other colours. However, the clay can be easily mixed together, which allows you to create an infinite variety of colors and shades.

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